Letizia Gambi

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Introducing Letizia Gambi


Born in Naples, south Italy, Letizia grew up in an artistic family. Opera singers, musicians, actors, writers. Her mother started also as singer, her uncle is an Opera's Tenore and her father, an artist and a Jazz lover. Also her brother Gianpaolo has become an appreciated and talented actor and ...

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World Music/Contemporary | World Music/Traditional | Jazz


Garrett Baker

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  • 09/18/201209/18/2012

Lenny White Introduces New Discovery Letizia Gambi

Lenny White Introduces New Discovery Letizia Gambi

Italian songstress blends Neapolitan songbook and jazz on auspicious debut from Jando Music

"...It was soooo nice to play with/for a singer that can really sing." –Ron Carter

"Lenny White and Letizia Gambi have created the hippest musical address in Naples; at the intersection of Neapolitan music and jazz."- Gil Goldstein

“I’m always looking for new artists who have knowledge and respect of tradition but free spirited enough...

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