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Created in 1998, 34 Puñaladas established a new generation on singer-guitar based tango group.In the beginning they focused their attention on lunfardos (local slang of convicts and prison language and codes) tangos of 1920´s and 1930´s, in order to cross with introspective tone this dark, forgotten period and taboo segment of the genre, exhuming a repertoire which tells stories about drugs, women, vice, violence and bitter love stories. This repertoire throughout the group identity rescued the tango tradition and printed a particular look on the arrangements and during the performance on stage.During the first years they performed on the underground circuit of Buenos Aires. They played in places where the environment mixed theatre with cinema and popular music. Since mid 2002 and up to the present, they are inserted in the commercial circuit, appearing in the principal commercial musical venues, cultural centers and music clubs of Argentina.Between 2002 and 2006 the group edited three CDs Tangos Carcelarios, winner of Clarín Award in New Tango Group category and also awarded in the same category by La Nación newspaper; Slang, the second CD, nominated to the 2006 edition of the Gardel Award, in Best Group or Tango Orchestra category and Slang, nominated to 2007 edition of Gardel Award in New Tango Form category. This trilogy perfectly summarized the group image as musicians and interpreters.

In 2006 a "new foundation" of the group took place, since they began to travel a stage based on their own compositions, both in music and in lyrics. After three years of work on this direction, they edited in April 2009 Bombay Buenos Aires unanimous recognized by the media as "the most original album of tango of the last years". Special guests as Vitor Ramil, a prestigious Brazilian songwriter. 

During 2010 the group participated to Paris Quartier d’ete Festival in Paris and the World Music Festival at Sines, Portugal as well as some theatres in others cities of Portugal.

In middle of 2011 they recorded their first live DVD, which integrated by the end of the same year a new production, this time double (DVD + CD), "From the bag into the ring". The DVD reviews the four previous albums with threads that link the repertoire from the landscapes and stories. The CD is a kind of intimate soundtrack of the band with songs that are always played informally and had never been recorded.

During 2012 the group was part of the Late Night Argentina Series at Brisbane Festival, Autralia and participated ot the Iberoamerican Festival in Cadiz, Spain.

Due to their particular repertoire and approach to the genre, they participated in prestigious international festivals in Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria and Australia. The group shared these stages with outstanding artists like Hermeto Pascoal, Diego "El Cigala", Marc Ribot, Chambao, Bebe, Café Tacuba, Youngchen Lhamo, Rufus Wainwright, Miguel Poveda, Cristina Branco, Yazmin Levy, Mónica Akihari, Chicuelo, Duquende, Amadou et Mariam and Faiz Ali Faiz, among many others.

34 Puñaladas has Naxos distribution in US & Canada

Members: Augusto Macri, Edgardo González y Juan Lorenzo –guitar-, Lucas Ferrara –bass guitar- and Alejandro Guyot –singer-.


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  • 04/21/2013
  • Chicago, IL

34 Puñaladas, the bloody roots of tango

34 Puñaladas was born in 1998, inaugurating a new generation of guitar quartet with singer. From the beginning their investigation of this forbidden and forgotten"genre" consisted of a unique repertoire, mostly tangos from the 20’s and 30`s, bringing to life a series of "politically incorrect" songs where drugs, dirty women, thieves and violence flourish. 34 Puñaladas "rescues" these traditional songs
and puts them on stage with their very own point of view and arrangements...


  • 04/21/2013, Chicago, IL, Old town shool of Folk Music, 7:00pm View
  • 04/18/2013, Brooklyn, NY, Barbès, 10:00pm View
  • 04/18/2013, New York, NY, Barbès, 10:00pm View
  • 04/16/2013, New York, NY, Drom, 7:15p View
  • 04/14/2013, Waterloo, BW, The Jazz Room, Huether Hotel, 6:00 pm View
  • 04/14/2013, Waterloo, ON, The Jazz Room, Huether Hotel, 6:00 pm View
  • 04/12/2013, London, ON, Aeolian Hall, 8:00pm View
  • 04/11/2013, Toronto, ON, Lula Lounge, 7:00pm View