Nistha Raj

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Exit 1



Nistha Raj transports to international audiences a rare, evocative and soothing sound of classical North Indian (Hindustani) music on the 5-string acoustic violin.  A distinguished performer and teacher of Hindustani classical and Western classical violin in the Washington, DC community, Nistha has performed in the United Nations, The Kennedy Center ...

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World Music/Contemporary | Jazz | World Music/Traditional


Garrett Baker

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  • 03/08/201403/08/2014
  • Washington, DC

India Without Borders: Nistha Raj & Behzad Habibzai in DC March 8th

The violin begins to play a raga. At the pause, just when the tabla should enter, a beatboxer begins a rhythm and worlds collide. The music takes on fresh colors and barriers crumble. This is the sound of Nistha Raj and what she’s created on her inventive solo debut album, Exit 1 (releasing February 26th, 2014).

For many years she studied Western and Hindustani (North Indian) classical music. But, she emphasizes, Exit 1 “is not a classical album. It’s rooted in Hindustani...

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