Hannah Gill

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Hannah Gill



There’s something excitingly refreshing about Hannah Gill’s sound – that it’s impossible to really put your finger on what it is. When it seems that every new artist wishes to be, “the new so-and-so,” or “the next blah, blah, blah,” it’s a revelation to hear something uniquely different. And that’s something that leaves you wanting to hear more.

The 16 year old from Easton, Maryland, has collaborated with singer-songwriter and stalwart on the New York music scene Brad Hammonds to bring us a collection of tracks in the form of a 6 song EP. Consisting of 4 original tracks and two cover versions this self-titled release is the perfect platform for Gill to display her vast vocal range and individual style. Hammonds has penned four of the tracks on the EP, which also includes cover versions of work from Kimbra and Christina Perry and the work is released under his own label Greene Street Music.

The observant may recognise the likes of “I Feel Awake While Dreaming” and “Story of a Man” from his own distinctive back catalogue – but with a fresh vocal approach, new musical style and some outstanding production the songs are re-born. The haunting “Distance” allows Gill’s mesmerising voice to tug at the heart strings with a maturity that defies her age, while on “Medicine,” the combination of Hammonds’ trademark guitar style, along with the addition of a powerful horn section, is brought together seamlessly by an outstanding vocal performance– in the same way that a maestro conducts an orchestra.

If the music is difficult to pigeon hole, the verdict certainly isn’t - file Hannah Gill under: one to watch.

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  • 04/26/2014
  • New York, NY

16 Year Old Singer-Songwriter Hannah Gill at Rockwood Music Hall April 26th

Stunning new voices. The type that make you stop, that force you to listen, then listen again. They can come from anywhere and everywhere. Young or old, that natural quality is a rare and wonderful thing. And sometimes they’ve just been hiding in plain sight, like Hannah Gill, whose debut EP launches a remarkable, mature talent. (released on Greene Street Music, March 4th, 2014)

She might only be 16, but Hannah Gill’s voice carries a world of experience in every note. That’s...

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