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The Wonder Well



John Adorney is an award-winning composer and producer whose seven solo CDs,  Beckoning  (1998), The Other Shore  (2002), Waiting for the Moon  (2004), Trees of Gold  (2006), The Fountain  (2009), The Fire in the Flint (2012) and his latest, The Wonder Well, have garnered glowing reviews from around the world. In August of 2010, John, along with vocalist Daya and special guest Marcel Adjibi, performed the music from the first five of these CDs live in concert in Thousand Oaks, California. John Adorney and Daya LIVE! In Concert was released as both a DVD and as a CD.

“I began studying cello at age 9, and then when the Beatles hit America a few years later, I and all my friends immediately learned how to play guitar. My family had two reel-to-reel tape recorders in the house, so I'd sit up in my room , overdubbing cello and guitar parts to tunes that I had written. I loved the fact that I could play four or more parts on the cello or guitar, and layer them on top of each other. Although the technology is incredibly more sophisticated now, I'm still doing basically the same thing."

By the age of 12,  John taught himself to play piano, and in his college years, continued his classical studies at the University of Connecticut. Relocating to Los Angeles in 1980, he finished his undergraduate studies in both music and psychology at Antioch University. During his years in Los Angeles, John began to focus on composing instrumental music. In 1986, he met 7-year-old Daya, who, even at a young age, had an outstanding voice, and would later lend her vocals to all of John’s recordings. In 1998, he was invited to join EverSound, and soon released his first solo CD,  Beckoning, EverSound’s best-selling CD to date. This was followed by The Other Shore, which was voted the best New Age CD of 2002 by the Coalition of New Age Retailers.  Also released in 2002 was the side project River of Breath. 

On his third solo CD, Waiting For The Moon, his musical collaboration with Daya entered new territory by including two songs that John composed specifically for her to sing - "A Butterfly in the Well" and "Waiting for the Moon."  Then came Trees of Gold​, which quickly rose to the top of the New Age radio airplay charts, followed by The Fountain, the Concert DVD and CD, The Fire in the Flint, and most recently, The Wonder Well.

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  • 02/04/2014

Distilling the Sounds of the Wonder Well; The Music and Joy of John Adorney

Music is emotional. It can soothe and still, uplift and transport the listener to another place, another mood, even another time. Each piece is a journey, something to touch souls and spirits. Music lasts. It satisfies. And those rare qualities are what musician and composer John Adorney achieves with his new album, The Wonder Well (released February 4th on Eversound Records).

“When I play and find a new melody, it feels like I’m unearthing buried treasure, digging in the soil and...

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  • 02/04/2014, "The Wonder Well", Eversound View

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