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The Wonder Well



John Adorney is an award-winning composer and producer whose seven solo CDs,  Beckoning  (1998), The Other Shore  (2002), Waiting for the Moon  (2004), Trees of Gold  (2006), The Fountain  (2009), The Fire in the Flint (2012) and his latest, The Wonder Well, have garnered glowing reviews from around the world. ...

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World Music/Traditional | Jazz | New Age


Garrett Baker

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  • 02/04/201402/04/2014

Distilling the Sounds of the Wonder Well; The Music and Joy of John Adorney

Music is emotional. It can soothe and still, uplift and transport the listener to another place, another mood, even another time. Each piece is a journey, something to touch souls and spirits. Music lasts. It satisfies. And those rare qualities are what musician and composer John Adorney achieves with his new album, The Wonder Well (released February 4th on Eversound Records).

“When I play and find a new melody, it feels like I’m unearthing buried treasure, digging in the soil and...

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