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Cigarros Explosivos

Asphalt Tango


Jaro  Milko & The  Cubalkanics is the solo project by guitarist Jaro Milko. The band from Basel was founded in the end of 2010 and brings together renowned musicians from the  Balkan-­‐, Reggae-­‐, Latin-­‐ and Jazzscene in Switzerland. Eastern european Gypsy music meets  Cumbia and Musica Cubana, Instrumentals interspersed with songs. This rootsbased music awakens the  wanderlust, the Latin rhythms of the drums/percussion  duo-­‐monster shoots merciless on the hips. A trashy  organ  is droping all inhibitions, a crazy gone trombone pumps Slivovitz into the  veins. The singing sounds wistful and the unmistakable guitar of  Jaro  Milko  shapes  the   sound  of the quintet.

Since   2008, Jaro  Milko is the guitarist of the international group Firewater (US/TR/Il/UK) and tours in the EU and USA. He played with Erik Sanko (Lounge Lizards, Skeleton  Key), Jennifer Charles and Oren Bloedow (Elysian Fileds), Johnny Kalsi (The Dhol Foundation, Afro  Celt Sound System), Ori Kaplan and Adam Scheflan (Balkan Beat Box), Jean Marc Butty (PJ Harvey,  John Parish, Venus), Yoni Halevy (The Apple), Reut Regev (Frank London's Klezmer Brass All Stars),  Jazz Singh (Drum Line Entertainment),   Brian   Drye   (Slavic   Soul   Party)   and Haggai Fershtmann   (The Monotonix, Asav Avidan). In 2003 he joined the rock group Carma Star. Since 2001,  he’s a former member of the Balkan troop Prekmurski Kavbojci, where he found his eastern vein again and discovered the admiration for Django Reinhardt. Influenced by John Zorn's Naked City, he  started the Avantguard group Strange Fruit in 1999. He then also founded Wolfsquinten, his own  experimental Orientaljazz trio with Michi Stulz (Lisette Spinnler, Stefan Rusconi) and Stephan Brunner (Tight Finks). In addition to   these   bands,   he   plays   in several  projects in various   genres   such   as   Balkan, Manouche, World, Jazz, Medieval, Avantguard, Pop, Rock and Surf.
Jaro  Milko was born in  1978, as a  son of Czechs  who emigrated to Rheinfelden, Switzerland. At eight, he started to play classical guitar and was given lessons from Willi Riechsteiner untill his 20th age, who also taught him the music of the Cuban guitarist Leo Brouwer.  As a teenager Jaro Milko bought a Jolana in a department store in Prague, changed to the electric guitar at the age of thirteen and formed his first punk band The Vexation, which  later resulted  in  the  Jimi  Hendrix  tribute  band  Crash Landing.  1999-­‐2003  he studied at  the Music Academy  of  Basel  Jazz  with  Francis Coletta. 

Members Include:
Jaro Milko - Guitar & Vocals
Luke Briggen - Trombone
Ines Brodeck - Percussion & Backing Vocals
Eric Gut - Drums & Backing Vocals
Eric Gilson - Organ 

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World Music/Contemporary | Latin | Jazz


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  • 04/04/2014

Cumbia, Cuba, The Balkans & Exploding Cigars; Introducing Jaro Milko & The Cubalkanics, Cigarros Explosivos!

There’s a point where the rhythm of the cumbia, the sound of Cuba and Balkan music all come together. And it’s right in the heart of the Jaro Milko and the Cubalkanics. It’s a place without borders, wild and wonderful; it’s Milko’s creation, where surf guitar, Cuban son and the powerful hit of Gypsy brass dance side by side. The five-piece Swiss band fuse his vision into a unique, delicious whole on their debut Cigarros Explosivos! (released March 28th, 2014 on...

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  • 04/04/2014, "Cigarros Explosivos!", Asphalt Tango View

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