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Running your music career just got easier. StoryAmp is a new service that helps you crate gorgeous music press kit for each concert or release and sends it to relevant journalists for free.

High Quality
Press Lists

StoryAmp Press lists are some of the best in the business. The database has been developed by veteran publicists with over a dozen years of experience in music PR. Now you get to use them, too.

P.R. in just a few clicks

We’ve teamed up with the best music technology services, so that getting started takes minutes. In a short time, you can add a tour of any length and we’ll send three emails to relevant press in each concert city automatically.

Real time activity logs

See in real time what media outlets are viewing your press info and how they interact with it. Did the New York Times just listen to track 1? Did the Washington Post just request your album? You can see that from your StoryAmp Activity Log.

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