Less data entry

Publicists can create a beautifully functional web press kit and -- without leaving StoryAmp -- send emails to our press lists or your own! No more trying to keep a website up to date and using a separate email service. Finally, a PR solution for music streaming, downloads, photo hosting, with e-mail built in!


Automate the tedious and free up your time

When you add concerts or releases to StoryAmp, we automatically schedule e-mails to relevant journalists from our press list of over 7000 music journalists. That gives you more time to write great story angles and to make personal, customized pitches to the journalists you know. You can also send personal-looking emails to your private press lists through the Outreach tool.


Control press emails from one place

Keep track of all your press email outreach, scheduling automatic emails all in advance of a tour or album campaign so you can stay focused on pitching your best.


See who is clicking

StoryAmp's activity logs allow you to see in real time what media outlets are seeing your Dispatches and how they interact with them. Did the New York Times just listen to track 1? Did the Washington Post just request your album? You can see that from your StoryAmp Activity Log. You can also compare the press reaction from one concert market to another.


Solidify your status as a trusted source

StoryAmp allows journalists to mark you as a "trusted source" which brings your music higher in their feed and lets you see even more detailed information about their interactions with your pitches.


Solutions for all sizes

If you have always struggled to maintain a PR website, you can get one launched in a day. Ready for the big time? Upgrade to a custom designed website just like Rock Paper Scissors and FlipSwitch PR.


  • Built-in press kit hosting for a PR roster, including JPGs, streaming audio, password-protected downloads, concerts, press releases, bio, links, press clippings, and more
  • Email Outreach tool so you do not have to enter things once on your website and again in email campaign software; less data entry and further reach
  • Inclusion in an existing network of 7000+ music journalists; directly to their email inboxes
  • Use our press lists for concert markets or genres that fall out of your core contact list... or use your own private press list
  • $100/month for five artists (includes press kit hosting, outreach tool, and inclusion to our concert journalist lists; additional discounted fees to reach our genre-specific album press lists)

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