Free your inbox.

At StoryAmp we know that zillions of musicians and sources are slamming your inbox every day, and that half of them aren't even a genre or city that you cover. What if every music pitch showed up in the same format every time making it easy to quickly decide if it was a fit for you? What if you always knew that you could get what you needed with a single click? What if all the music pitches you received showed up in a single digest every day? That's the power of StoryAmp.


Only get what you want, when you want it.

With StoryAmp's filtering tools you control the genres and concert cities you want to hear about. You can even unsubscribe from an individual artists future pitches. It's like Amazon or Netflix recommendations but specifically for pre-released material or in advance of concerts, according to your lead times.


Easily keep track of story ideas.

StoryAmp provides valuable tools to make it easier to find and prioritize story ideas. Your Queue stores pitches you've received that you want to listen to and explore further. You can add those pitches to a Shortlist of the top ten stories you are considering. We provide you with a URL that you can give to artists, labels, or publicists to direct a specific pitch to your Submitted box. No more email clutter.


Organize your thoughts.

StoryAmps note-taking journal and feedback system allows you to keep track of your last contact with an artist about a story idea. With a few clicks, you can request more information, concert tickets, an album, or an interview. You can provide artists with feedback just as easily, without revealing your identity or contact info. Only you can see your private notes.


A radio player for music critics.

The StoryAmp radio player has three channels: Recommended: music that matches your genres, cities, and lead time. Submitted: music people have sent to you. Queued: music you flagged to check out. From the radio player you can see full information with one click or add to your Queue. It's like having a private DJ at your desk reading your mind.



StoryAmp maintains a rigorous privacy policy. We will never give away your email address or other personal contact information. Artist activity logs will only reveal your media outlet name. Here is a sample activity log that artists may see. You control who sees your name and contact info.

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